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At The Lahasky Group , we strive to balance two areas of our business as well as anyone else: 

Profitability and Customer Service. 

Some companies look for the greatest, most impressive product possible. Some companies look to be the cheapest option around. Here at The Lahasky Group, we strive to create VALUE. If we can provide the best option possible for the amount of money a client, purchaser, or tenant is going to spend, then we feel we have done our job. In keeping with this philosophy, we manage all investments in-house, as we believe that no one will give as much care, focus, and dedication to those who've entrusted us with their lives, their businesses, and their money, as we will.

On every project we touch, we begin with a thorough analysis of the numbers: What are the revenues? What are the expenses? How do we cut costs? What will a property sell for? How much will Capital Improvements cost? We look at these factors and many more while making a simultaneous commitment to improving the user experience. If our profitability has increased, while user experience has decreased, then we have not done our job. We re-negotiate contracts, we remove unnecessary expenses, we merge vendors, and we analyze every aspect of an opportunity before we move forward with acquisition or development.

To date, we have been very fortunate with our results: Every one of our development projects has been a financial success, our multi-family projects are all yielding double-digit returns, and our commercial projects are outperforming the market, with the best absorption numbers in the New Orleans market over the past 3 years. With your help as an investor, tenant, purchaser, lender, or vendor, we look forward to a bright future together!



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