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Asset Management:  "The act of analyzing real estate assets in order to develop effective economic strategies that mitigate risk exposure and increase value." 

We provide asset Management Services for properties which we own in order to provide maximum value for our investors. In select instances, we provide 3rd party Asset Management Services for outside investors who bring us in as partners for their investment strategy.

Our goal is to force appreciation in value by taking a measured and calculated approach to every decision surrounding a property in order to maximize profits. We due this through 4 strategic areas as outlined below:



We provide oversight of all leasing activities including hiring of brokers, devising of leasing strategies, negotiation of leases, contract review, and oversight of marketing plans.

Property Management

We provide oversight of all property management and day-to-day operations including rent collections, bookkeeping, vendor contracts, maintenance items, and tenant relations.

Business Meeting

Capital Improvements

We provide oversight and determination of all capital improvements. Examples include elevator installations and modernizations, window film installations, chiller installations, unit additions and conversions, cosmetic updates, energy efficiency projects, and much more.

Budgets & Financials

We provide oversight of all budgets and financials including annual budgets, tax mitigation, weekly financial reviews of both P&L's and Balance Sheets, accounts payable approvals, cash flow management, and annual ownership reports. 

A sampling of properties which we Asset Manage are shown below:

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