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We began "flipping" houses back in 2010. Beginning with gutted renovations post-Hurricane Katrina and moving on to ground-up new construction projects later on, we now have our eyes set on entire community developments, as well as equity partnerships with experienced builders.


Property Analytics

We are experts in evaluating the financial metrics of a deal. Whether it be figuring out the appropriate purchase price, the projected sales price, putting together the budget, or knowing the sweet spot for maximizing returns (ie. ideal SF, # of bedrooms, # of bathrooms, finishes and amenities, etc.),  we are extremely diligent in knowing the metrics to minimize risk and maximize returns.

Banking Relationships

We take our banking relationships very seriously. In today's market, banks are limiting the amount of their loans which they are willing to contribute to each "bucket" (ie. operating loans, construction loans, investment loans, equipment loans, etc.). The banks we work with know that no matter what, our debts will be repaid. Therefore, when a deal works, we know we'll be able to secure the financing necessary to get the deal done. 


Equity Partners

At the end of the day, our goal to be a part of highly successful projects for ourselves and our investors. While we used to do everything ourselves, we are now focused on building relationships with quality, experienced builders who are looking to scale and increase their development output. 

If you think there may be a mutually beneficial relationship between your company and ours, please reach out to discuss further.

Gallery of Completed Projects

Residential Gallery
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